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Who We Are

QSI, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for Quality Management System and is engaged in different disciplines in construction and development, these are Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Cost Feasibility and Procurement Management. It began its business operations in the Philippines last March 2008. QSI was established by a team of visionaries and experts in the industry.

Quantity Surveying

QSI provides accurate, timely, and cost effective quantity surveying services for all developmental stages of the project. Our highly experienced teams ensures project’s success by employing a digital estimating software.

We require stringent quality control checks for every deliverables. Over the years, QSI is known as one of the most reliable QS firm in the industry.

It has built a solid reputation as a major player in construction and development worldwide.

Digital Estimating Platform

Digital Estimating Platform

As a pioneer in digital estimation technology, QSI employs cutting edge Digital Estimating Platform that can do huge estimates in less time, it is cost effective and paperless which allows simultaneous projects in a flash.
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