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Digital Estimating Platform

Digital Estimating Platform QSI, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for Quality Management System and is engaged in different disciplines in construction and development, these are Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Cost Feasibility and Procurement Management. It began its business operations in the Philippines last March 2008. QSI was established by a team of visionaries and experts in the industry. Digital Estimating Platform As a pioneer in digital estimation technology, QSI employs cutting edge Digital Estimating Platform that can do huge estimates in less time, it is cost effective and paperless.

Choosing The Right Concrete Pumps For Sale

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Concrete pumps are generally known to offer the most efficient means of placing concrete for a construction project. As a matter of fact, the machines are responsible for expanding the imagination of skyscraper engineers and developers because they make it possible elevate the cement material to those heights. Simply, put ... Concrete Pumps For Sale

Why Perform Calibration Services In Chicago
Any business owner looking to have a solid reference based on known standards fully understands the importance of performing calibration services in Chicago. Whether inspired by the need for assurance of measurements required to carry out a manufacturing process or by simple regulatory movements, the importance of performing regular calibration ... Calibration Services Chicago