Sunpower Philippines

Sunpower has been leading the solar revolution by developing world record-breaking technology, enhancing customers, businesses, governments and utilities worldwide to harness the benefits of clean, abundant power from the sun. The company has not shown any sign of slowing down, the reason why a new plant was constructed at Binan, Laguna to further expand their cell efficiency leadership, to lower its manufacturing cost and increase their capacity to meet the robust demand of the market.

The Project is the expansion of the Fab4 Building which includes the construction of the wing support buildings and the surrounding ancillary buildings. The estimated construction floor area of the project is 47, 579 sqm.

Quantity Solutions, Inc. is tasked to provide cost estimates for the five (5) major contract packages of the project based on the For Tender Drawings, as well as create a Condition Survey Report and evaluate the cost of the remaining works left by the General Contractor.

On November of 2014, Quantity Solutions Inc. (QSI) furnished Sunpower Philippines a construction estimate which served as the construction budget of the five (5) major contract packages of the project. The cost estimate aided the Project Management Team (M+W) on their Tendering and Procurement Process. It served as their tool and benchmark on Tender Evaluation and Award.

In June 2017, QSI generated a report that will show the actual site condition after the General Contractor left the project. QSI produced demarcation drawings reflecting what was done and what are the balance of works. We took photos of all areas and rooms of the project.

QSI likewise provided the Owner the cost of the balance of works of the General Contractor. We prepared the Bill of Quantities based on the Condition Survey Report we generated.

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