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Why do you need a Quantity Surveyor (QS)? Is it cost-effective to have your project go through Cost Estimating before implementation?

QS puts the order in the convoluted procurement process. Today, the project owner already understands the cost of the project even before the architect and designers are hired. Concepts and schemes can now be converted into factual numbers that will help the owner determine the feasibility of the project. This lets the owner prepare for the project’s financial goals.

The QS will watch the Owner’s back and safeguard his financial interests. The role is so important that it is akin to a ship’s navigational equipment. Without it, the project would be lost.

Our advice during planning is to be detailed on cost in the same manner that you are detailed with the design. Understanding the whole cost structure and its details can render huge savings for the owner. Having a cost engineer during planning will also save time and effort on the part of the designer. The designers will have access to planning tools that can shorten the design process.

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